Data Walking project

I was alerted to yet another fascinating project on walking called Data Walking by this tweet.
David Hunter is the man behind the project, and has shared the outcomes on the website, and data and other files on Github so that they can be used to produce visualisations.

From the webpage.
The aim of the Data Walking research project is to collect environmental data while walking around North Greenwich, to build a rich picture of that area over time. There was one walk per month for the whole of 2016 and open to anyone who wanted to join and explore the area, ideas on data gathering techniques, and the field of data visualisation. Before each walk there was a session to help make different data gathering devices including sensors on micro controllers, smart phones, and hand recorded notes. The data gathered on each walk will then be used to create maps, charts, data experiences, or artistic works by participants to represent the area and the process of the project. 

I received my copy of the book yesterday, and will share more when I've had a chance to have a good read of it.