Ecolint Geography Conference 2018 - #2 - First day in Switzerland

On the Friday of the last week of Easter, I headed for Stansted and a fairly quiet flight to Geneva Airport. I was picked up by Richard Allaway and Ellena Mart, check them out on Twitter, and taken to my hotel.
It was time to explore the city as I had a few hours, and was fairly happy that my presentation was finished (there have been many times over the last decade where I have been working the night before to finish off a presentation)
I read a few final articles surrounding the issue of Cape Town's water struggles.

This article was useful as well, by providing a critical view of some of the claims that were being made by the City Council.

Geneva clearly has no such water struggles, with a lot of the water coming from the lake itself, which is fed by rivers and the melting snowpack from the surrounding mountains. There was a spectacular view on the way in, and you can see a Flickr album of my photos from the trip here.

I finished the day down by Lac Leman for some beers as the sun set, having wandered around the old town in the sun. A great day of exploring a city and uncovering new areas, and filling in my mental map of the place - one of the great pleasures in life. In the evening, met the other presenters, and also Jamie Williams again (who as Geography Jim created one of the very first Geography websites - even earlier than GeographyPages)

Image: Alan Parkinson - more to come