GA Conference 2018 - Post #15 - Thanks to Lucy and Bryan

This year's GA conference was the last one that two people who have helped make the last decade's conferences so special will be involved in.
The first was Lucy Oxley, who has organised the GA conference for the last 10 years.
She is leaving the GA to take on an exciting new project. She is opening a new cafe and deli in Sheffield along with Anne Greaves, another former GA colleague who ran the GA's website for many years.

Check out GINGER CAFE Sheffield

Another person who was taking their leave was Bryan Ledgard.
He has been taking pictures at the GA Conference for as long as I can remember, and captures the delegates and the buzz of the conference effectively and with great humour. Check out the website for his awesome travel photography, street shots, and his fantastic shots of musicians. You can also catch Bryan playing live with Dave Burland and the Awkward Squad.
Here's one I took of Bryan in between his hectic schedule of visits to meetings, lectures and other conference events. I shall miss getting a new profile picture taken each year. Thanks for all the images Bryan, including the ones that were allowed to be used for various books that I've written.

Images: Bryan Ledgard (top) / Alan Parkinson (bottom)