GA Conference 2018 - Post #4 - GI Learner Conference - grants available

Earlier today, I was involved in a workshop at the conference sharing some of the outcomes from our GI Learner ERASMUS project. Thanks to those who came along to the workshop.

Here's Karl Donert and Luc Zwartjes finalising things...

Check out the materials here.

There is a final meeting for the project in Ghent in June, and as part of that we are presenting some of the work, and working with teachers who attend the event.

This will include a grant for those teachers who want to come along, and for teachers in the UK, and other countries outside of Belgium, there is a grant of €150 for attending, which should pay for transport and accommodation, as it's a 1 day event, so manageable from London in a single day for example, given the good train connection and the link with Eurostar.
Teachers are asked to pay €50 to secure a place, and once they attend the event, they will receive a payment of €150.

There are 20 grants available, and these are available on a first come, first served basis....

See the details below for what you need to do if you want to join me in Ghent in June.

Final conference Ghent from GeoBlogs

Image: Alan Parkinson