GetOutdoors Champion Blogs: #1 Splodz Blogz

During the year, I shall be sharing links and brief descriptions of blogs related to the outdoors, written by fellow Ordnance Survey #GetOutside Champions. I'm going to be starting with those Champions who I met on the day, including those who were on my table when we started the day, and with whom I did the scavenger hunt, and then had the dinner with.
Here's a selfie taken during that challenge...

Splodz Blogz is the home of Zoe Homes, who is probably my closest GetOutside Champions distance-wise, being based in Lincolnshire.
She has been blogging for some years on the subject of the outdoors (naturally) and has a lot of experience in sharing outdoor ideas. Her walk along the West Highland Way last year was filmed as part of the Julia Bradbury programme on the

Zoe's posts are related to the ideas of the value of getting outside (of course), interspersed with her travels, and with reviews of items including clothing and other gear which help to make it a more comfortable and rewarding experience.