With the GA Conference just a few days away now, I'm working to finish my various inputs, and add in some last minute things as usual. One of my lectures covers the Changing Places topic, and as usual I hope to add in a whole range of ideas for people to take away, and to adapt, adopt or innovate.

I'm interested in different types of places, including temporary places.

Have you ever been to the Glastonbury Festival? If so, there's something I'd like your help with....
During the five day festival (with some arriving before and leaving after), the population of Somerset goes up by a third apparently.
I have a Flickr album of images from when I went, which you are welcome to plunder.

Please feel free to fill in the Google Form below, or go HERE to see it full screen or on your mobile device.
I'll share the results as always...

Images: Alan Parkinson