Madrid - GI Learner post 2 of 3

I'm well behind on catching up after this trip. The GI Learner workshop that we did at the GA Conference shared some of the outcomes in an earlier blogpost.

After the first day of sun, the next stage of the trip was a little rain-affected. This meant plenty of changed plans, and shuffling the sequence of events around.
We were able to take part in a mix of exploration with development of resources and trialling of ideas related to the ERASMUS requirements.
This included a long tour of the city on a tourist bus tour, complete with voiceover and some snow was seen as well.
There was a chance to work on some ArcGIS Online StoryMaps, which offer a range of templates to produce mapping. Students worked with those from other schools to create their maps.
We also visited the Prado, and took part in some other activities to help explore the city.
And the rain kept falling...