Send my Friend to School 2018

Every year for a while now, I've always publicised this important resource.

Elisa from Oxfam got in touch with me this week to remind me of this year's materials which are now available. Each year has a theme. Register your details to download the Primary or Secondary version of the packs for this year.
Here's what she told me:

Each year we bring together around 5000 schools and 500,000 young people in joint campaigning to demand a quality education for all children across the globe. We produce teaching resources to bring the campaign to life in the classroom – including films, case studies and activity sheets.

We recently launched our 2018 campaign, Make Schools Safe:

Schools should be safe havens for children. Unfortunately for millions of children around the world, school can be a place of violence and danger.

The UK government has an important role to play in helping to meet the global promise of every child receiving a quality education by 2030. But the achievement of this goal is currently in jeopardy as 246 million children are experiencing violence at school every year. This has to stop.

We need to make schools safe and you can help and we would like to invite every class to send the Prime Minister a paper sign to make schools safe.

As part of the campaign, thousands of children across the country are creating paper safety signs. One side will depict the dangers that school can face. The other side will show schools as they should be: a safe haven. They’ll be sending these signs to their MPs along with their personalised messages on why they think school should be safe for every child. It is important that as many MPs as possible hear about the campaign so that they can see the strength of support for the campaign.

Some videos are available to view as well on YouTube and Vimeo (depending on your school's network settings)
There is a proviso that you should watch these films first, as they may contain some scenes and themes which your students might find upsetting...

We shall be making use of these resources.