The next Holbeck Hall?

Thanks to Colin Walker for sending me some details about the Blue Anchor Pub, near Minehead in Somerset, which is threatened by the possibility of a landslide.
I revisited the Holbeck Hall Hotel with Year 7 this year, and it provoked quite a lot of interest.

There were also some problems for houses in The Marrams in Hemsby after houses had to be evacuated for fear that they may collapse into the sea as they are built into the sand dunes. There were problems for this area during 2013 after the storm surge, and several people have lost their homes while others are having to consider drastic action such as moving the whole house backwards with a crane. I've been collecting local news coverage of this event as there has been plenty in the East Anglian press.

Doing some searches reveals that the owner of the Blue Anchor pub has obviously been worried about the possibility for several years.

Image: Alan Parkinson

Paul Berry noticed this post, and as he lives a little more locally than I do, he paid it a visit, for purely professional reasons of course.
Read all about his exploration of the area, and the evidence for the further deterioration of the cliffs here on his excellent blog.