BBC Teach - some new Geography resources

It's been a while since the BBC released some new school Geography videos. There used to be a lot more TV content of course back in the day, and Dan Raven Ellison produced a number of videos for the Bitesize product a few years ago, not all of which seem to have made it online yet.
Six (or currently 5 it seems, as one has disappeared) new videos have been added, and they are presented by students.

There are some Secondary videos for Geography here in the main section of BBC's Education materials.
There is a play list of 6 (when the other one comes back) called The Big Issues.

There's a video on Fracking, and one on building in the Green Belt, one on the Congestion Charge and one on Rewilding.
I used this one today, with Josh from North Norfolk presenting:
Properties affected by Coastal Erosion - should they be protected? - this is based on the village of Happisburgh in Norfolk.

Worth a watch for sure....