Ecolint Geography Conference 2018 - Post #3 - The conference day

Up on the Saturday morning to bright sunshine, and picked up after breakfast to head for the ECOLINT venue.
We had a fantastic view from the classrooms where we were based for the day, looking towards the Alps and the Mont Blanc massif.
The morning started with Stefan Gates doing his session, complete with live insects, heat sensitive cameras and all, then after a sunny lunch with a view from the balcony it was into the afternoon sessions.
I had 4 groups for around 45 minute each, which was time for some exposition, then a few activities to get them thinking about solutions to Cape Town's water crisis.
After the event, it was a farewell to the other presenters, and then wandered down back into Geneva through the United Nations area where there were lots of their agencies having offices. Paused outside the actual UN building and then into the city for some food and drinks to celebrate a very successful event.

Image: Richard Allaway


A Guardian article provides some ideas on the crisis, and the way that it was averted.