ESRI Community Analyst tool - a first play...

This is newish, and was revealed to some people at the ESRI UK Conference down in London (have attended several times in the past, but was unable to get there this year due to teaching commitments)

Thanks to the ESRI UK Education Team for this resource.
It explains how to get the Community Analyst up and running which requires a few stages, and you will need to have administrative privileges on your (FREE!!) school account.

It allows the user to produce infographics from data.
Added the licenses to my profile, which is the first step. Follow the videos here...

I've then logged in using the waffle to the right hand side of the screen, near my profile name.

Decided to make an infographic of Birmingham, as it is the city my son is studying as his Case Study city for the Edexcel 'A' GCSE Geography paper.

Created a new project and then chose 'Make a new map from Data' > Colour Coded Maps > and then chose Income

I chose the housing with the lowest income bracket.

I chose one area and selected it, and then chose Infographic from the pop up options

I also changed the area to county level, and then produced this infographic for Norfolk...

Going to have a play with the COMPARISON tool next....

Well worth giving it a go if you have a free ArcGIS Online account.

Thanks to Jason Sawle for a bit of a steer when I got stuck.