Fairtrade Footballs

Came across this video recently when revamping a unit on Geography and Sport. It's a good watch.
I wonder where the balls for the World Cup will have been made?

Playing Fair: The Story of Fairtrade Footballs from Fairtrade Schools on Vimeo.
How are footballs made? And what do footballs have to do with Fairtrade?

To find out, we go to Sialkot in northern Pakistan to see the production process first-hand. We speak to stitchers and workers in two factories who talk about the difference that Fairtrade has made to their lives.

Thank you to Bala Sport for helping us to tell the story of Fairtrade footballs.

You can buy Fairtrade footballs at Bala Sport (www.balasport.co.uk).

For more about Fairtrade Schools, visit www.fairtrade.org.uk/schools

Written and produced by the Fairtrade Schools team
Directed by Jon Bilbrough
UK filming by Jon Bilbrough
Filming in Pakistan by Irfan Mirza
Presented by Frankie Vu
Visuals by Simon Hurdle, Whitestone Media
Music by Jon Bilbrough