GA Conference 2018 - Post #19 - Things that looked interesting but which I didn't get to....

As always at the GA Conference, there are lots of parallel sessions, where there can be up to ten or more workshops, debates or lectures at the same time.
A few things that I didn't get to see, but which sounded excellent.

Amy Todd from Layers of London was there to show the progress so far on their map, and that session looked useful for those interested in GIS style tools and the way they can be used to capture the stories of places.

I also missed Sharon Witt's latest blockbuster session for Primary (and beyond)  called Thinkspots.
This was based on the character Eric from a Shaun Tan picture book. Sharon very kindly sent me her presentation, which is awesome, and included some major input from Steve Rawlinson, who is also awesome. Sharon kindly sent me her slides though, so will be considering what I can take from the workshop for my own work.

I didn't get to see the whole of Margaret Robert's session on Controversial Issues in GCSE Geography, but I had seen an earlier version of the talk, and I also had a chance to catch up with Margaret, who was on the interview panel when I got my job at the GA (a very scary proposition at the time, but she is so supportive of course)
Margaret was also very interested in the way that we had 'represented' certain key ideas in the textbooks that we worked on, and was interested to read the book. We chatted as I showed her the book, and she gave them her seal of approval.
As always, Margaret's session was, for many, the highlight of their conference.

For another review of the conference, check out Steve Rackley's blogs, which tell the story of the conference in 3 instalments. He was back from a recent period in the USA and shared the story in his own particular style. H also shared this image, one of a few of me at this year's conference, along with Dan, whose lecture was very well received.

There was also a session on displays from Mr. Sherlock which is something I will mine for a CPD session I'm leading later in the year.
If you missed any of the sessions at the GA Conference (in fact, if you also missed previous years' conferences), you can get quite a few of the sessions from the GA Conference Session Downloads page.
Here's a reminder of my Teachmeet presentation.
GA Magazine subscribers will be able to read a full conference report, complete with selected tweets in the Summer issue, which should be arriving in the mail this week if it hasn't already. I get a mention there, which is always nice...