The Long Dark

I've added a few blog posts over the years on the link between Geography and Games. I have a large pile of boardgames in my office which are used occasionally, and some of which I still have to play properly as I haven't had the opportunity yet.
I've got quite a few STEAM games on my account, including Never Alone and Firewatch.
I prefer games with a bit of intensity, and where the setting and the sense of place created in the game is an integral part of the game.
The Long Dark is a new STEAM game which is getting very good reviews.

Here's the premise:

What is it? A survival game set in the Canadian wilderness.
Expect to pay £27/$35
Developer Hinterland Studio
Publisher In-house
Reviewed on GTX 1080, Intel i5-6600K, 16GB RAM
Multiplayer None
Link Official site
A geomagnetic anomaly has plunged the world into darkness and rendered all technology useless, including the plane you were flying over the vast, frozen wilds of Canada. You awake surrounded by flames and wreckage—badly injured and freezing to death—and find yourself in a battle to survive in one of the most inhospitable corners of the planet. It’s a hell of a place to spend the apocalypse, and death lingers around every corner of this deadly, wintry expanse.

I came across it via a Robert MacFarlane tweet which had a lovely description of the game which was written by Ewan Wilson, and referenced Nan Shepherd and Caspar David Friedrich as influences for the visuals, which means it ties in quite nicely with some of the ideas in the resource I've been developing with Peter Knight from Keele University.

Also connects with the idea of place.

More on this to come over the summer, when I get a chance to play some of these games... It beats Fortnite...