TMGeography Icons - academic keynote announced

June 23rd sees the first running of the Teachmeet GeographyIcons event at the University of Birmingham.
I've unaccountably been asked to do the teacher keynote, and will be sharing some ideas ahead of my Practical Pedagogies session in November, on the theme of narratives. I've done a LOT of thinking about this session and changed my mind at least three times already...

I've been tearing apart my KS3 Scheme of Work, and putting in a series of narratives and stories, and extracts from texts and whole books, and I will be talking about how I will use these to develop some work previously done based around my Ice Man book and the Scholastic version of 'Touching the Void' (more elsewhere on the blog on that)

I'll also be asking those involved to take part in a few small acts of activism during the session. I've asked about 50 people who I consider to be amongst my 'icons': people who I have worked with, or who have supported me over the years, to send a message or provocation to the assembled teachers so it is not just my voice that is heard...  Thanks to those who have already sent ideas and thoughts too. More on this to come nearer the time.
Expect to get involved in several Mentimeter polls as well...

The academic keynote has just been announced as Dr. Phil Jones, who is a Cultural Geographer from the University of Birmingham and does some interesting work. I look forward to hearing what he has to say. He can be followed on Twitter @philjonesgeog

You may not know but I also have a Cultural Geography blog that I started back in 2007, when I was teaching the OCR Pilot GCSE Geography. Check it out.

Less than a month to go now.