TUI - I've been dotting the i's and crossing the t's

I've been working with TUI for the last few months, to produce/update some resources for KS2 Geography (along with some new curriculum materials for teachers)

Last weekend, I attended a teacher workshop, which was looking at exploring some further materials, which will emerge in due course, as well as providing some feedback on the resource I'd worked on.
We were shown some of the excellent work that TUI is doing to encourage sustainable practices in their offices, and resorts where they operate, including a certification for the hotels that they use, and some effective work taking place on their airline fleet, and cruise ship fleet.

World Tourism Organisation (WTO) Data was used during the weekend to help us explore some trends in tourism.
The resources are called Better World Detectives, which fits in with TUI's mission of 'Better Holidays, Better World'

One element of the materials that I produced is a resource on corals and how they need to be protected, and possible ways that tourism impacts on them.

Hawaii is moving towards banning a whole range of sunscreen products which are thought to be harmful to corals. As you can imagine, when a tourist who has sunscreen on goes swimming, some of that product is washed off, and can build up if there are large numbers of tourists in an area. The story is here.

More to come when all the materials go live in their updated format...