Coastal Mapping

I've been putting together some ideas for a resource to support my students with Coastal Management.
I've used an old GeoFile which explores the Norfolk Coast, and needs some updating, and this is where the interactive mapping comes in.
There are some useful sites which can be useful for students.
I'm grateful to Angharad Stone for sending me the links to this work in progress, which uses the available Agency Open Data.
The EA used to have a tool called What's in my Backyard, which also became flood mapping, but these maps disappeared at the end of April 2018.
Angharad has rebuilt the map as an ESRI web app.

There's also another map which has a wider scope, and maps changes in the coastline over the last few decades.
How much money is spent on coastal defences in different areas around the coast?
Try this map, featured on Github. and produced by Carbon Brief