DesignEvo - the new logo

You may notice that the site has a new logo, after many years of the same one. I used the design as one of my slides at the #TMGeogIcons18 event over the weekend.
I may still change it again, but this was my first trial of a new tool for logo design, and it was made using the DesignEvo website.

The website offers a massive range of templates and fonts and other graphics. There are over 5000 templates, for example for a range of businesses, and in various formats, which you can search using key words, and then edit to suit.

If you wanted to give it a go, there's a free version which produces a lower quality image than the one I created: going premium opens different image size and format options, as well as the ability to claim copyright on the image, rather than needing attribution to the website.

There are thousands of different fonts, graphics and templates to make use of, to produce something from your own ideas.
Disclosure: I was kindly provided with a code for the paid version so I could take a good look and see what was possible. The free edition still provides access to thousands of fonts and icons.
Any design-related deficiencies are mine.

If you'd like to have a discount on the full version of DesignEvo, there's a code that I can let you have that gives you 80% off the price. 
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The site is well worth taking a look at and is another option for anyone needing logos, buttons, banners and other web content, or for bespoke logos for resources. Here's a holiday firm logo I knocked up for a new unit on the impact of tourism...