Emerji - more emojiography...

I talked about "emojiography" back in April 2017 at the GA Conference, and the way that they could be used in the classroom, following some earlier work for Practical Pedagogies 2016. If you're interested, my presentation is here. (one of hundreds I've shared over on Slideshare)

I also had a previous post on Climojis: climate change emojis.

Now there are Emerjis which are being suggested, as shorthand for people to use during specific events, the logic being that there are emojis for some other hazards, but not currently for earthquakes. It's an idea by Sara Dean.

Emerji Project Overview from S Dean on Vimeo.

You can read about a related idea called emoji-quake on this BBC article here: Could an emoji save your life?

This has a link to a project called Emoji Quake