Holkham revisited... Coastal Management Case Study Update

Over the half term, I went to stay in a lodge belonging to a family member, which is located on the Norfolk Coast, close to a popular beach.
It was a chance to explore an area which I had previously written about in the OCR 'A' and 'B' GCSE Textbooks for Hodder.

For the Distinctive Landscapes case study, I chose the Norfolk Coast.

This included a chance to update the case study, and this work will be ongoing between now and summer.

I decided to visit the Holkham Meals: an area of pine trees which were planted to prevent the landward movement of the dunes, and act as a sea defence. This is a dynamic area, and many of the beach huts along the sea front, which can sell for upwards of £50000 are regularly submerged by sand and have to be dug out by their owners.

Was interested to see that there was some building going on with a new visitor centre going up at the end of Lady Anne's Drive, which is one of the key access points to the famous Holkham Beach, which is regularly on the lists of the best beaches in the world.
There was also a new set of ticket machines, rather than the previous system where there was a manned booth and check point as you entered the drive. Construction is underway on the visitor centre, which looks like being an interesting building overlooking the grazing marshes.

See my recent post on the new Mark Cocker book 'Our Place' for more on this area of coastline, as it was one that he spent some time in when younger. The book also visits several other locations I know well...

Images: Alan Parkinson