#TMGeogIcons - Post #2 - Teaching explained... from my keynote

We're approaching the final few months of the academic year, and time to start to evaluate the year so far, and gear up for a busy run in to summer, including the exam season.
Yesterday, I had the privilege of being given some time talk to a large group of teachers. Follow @TMGeographyIcons for more, and catch the #TMGeogIcons18 

If you are of a certain age, you may have no idea what this is showing, but it is called 'drawing', and I can still 'see' my mum and grandma doing this, and also used to do it myself in a cottage where I lived for many years on the Norfolk coast which had an open fire.
Many people are sharing their love for teaching at the moment, as well as the challenges that teachers face, alongside a backdrop of issues with teacher retention.

Once a flame has been lit, it needs coaxing...
What are the firelighters that you find work best for you?
What's your best 'drawing' technique? 
Have you ever found the newspaper sets on fire because it's too close to the flames? 
Take time to keep yourself safe - don't get too close to the flames...