#TMGeogIcons18 - Post #6 - My KS3 Specification

This was a document that I shared at the TMGeogIcons event.

Image: Ben Hennig

Thanks to Michael Chiles for the idea to have a GCSE specification- style format to the event.
It has two years of lessons here...

For Year 9, there is not quite the same detail at the moment, but these are the topics we will be teaching, with a transition into GCSE at the end of the year. Of course, the topics and skills we teach throughout KS3 have one eye on the GCSE (and in some cases are amended versions of chapters from the GCSE textbook that I wrote)

Here are the topics for Year 9 to carry on from this.

Living on the Edge (Tectonic Hazards)
Report assessment
Conflict (Israel & Palestine)
Short answer test
A Crisis?
Skills based topic on housing crisis in the local area. Will also use CITP 'Place Makers'.
Written report
Sustaining Ecosystems (Endangered Biomes) including Palm Oil
Urban Futures
GCSE topic)
Urban Futures (GCSE)