A Sandwich course

I liked this image a lot, as it reminded me of a sandwich shop which I used to go to as a child, particularly the absence of packaging...

When I was younger, our family's sandwiches were purchased from Graftons bakers in Rotherham. They had half a dozen or so shops in different parts of the town, which grew over time to 16 outlets.
There was one in the village of Wickersley where I grew up, and we also used to visit the main one in the centre of Rotherham when I was younger, and one in Herringthorpe when I was older (often on the way to play pitch and putt in Valley Park)

The main shop had a long counter, with a huge choice of cakes and further down was the sandwich queue. They did the best parkin ever, and also custard tarts, curd tarts and cream slices. In the summer, they did strawberry tarts. All of those things remain the best I've tasted, and nothing quite matches up to them even now.
Sadly, they had to close the doors in 2005, with the loss of 200 jobs, many of whom were local women, who lived locally to the shops and part of the local community. They were a victim of the growth of supermarkets, and changing demographics, and were a sad loss to the local area.

I've started work on a new stand-alone resource which is on the theme of sandwiches. This is not for any particular publisher or organisation for a change, and I'll share it once it's completed.

Sandwiches contain an awful lot of geography (as well as egg mayo)

There is the idea of convenience, and where sandwiches fit into our routine (after all, it's not too much trouble to make a sandwich before leaving for work is it?)
There is the packaging which they inevitably come with - plastic and non-recyclable? Made using oil?
There are the cultural aspects of which fillings are most popular, and also the breads which are used, and their sourcing/food miles etc.

There is the aspect of food waste as well. I wrote about sandwiches as part of the CILT materials I wrote for the GA as well... There was a unit on Pret a Manger and how they reduce food waste...

More to come as the resource develops....