Clean Air Pack from Friends of the Earth

Ordered a Clean Air Schools pack which is being made available by Friends of the Earth to a small number of UK schools.

It arrived last week, and along with some stickers and lesson ideas, there were two special tubes which need to be installed in a location for 2 weeks and then sent back for analysis and to get the results. They come with special bar codes to add in the locations where they were placed.

I installed the tubes in two places on the school site: one close to the road that passes the school, and one in a quieter location in the Old Palace gardens of my school site. They are attached to trees about 7 feet up.
Can you spot one in the picture below?

Next week they will be taken down and returned to Friends of the Earth, and I'll share the outcomes here.
Always good to be involved in citizen science projects and help students see that we involve ourselves as widely as possible in interesting external projects.