Communicating the risk from volcanoes

Hat tip to Professor Iain Stewart for the lead to this excellent resource on the importance of communicating the risk from volcanic eruptions to the one billion people who live within 150km of an active volcano.

The World Bank Blog post has some interesting facts on volcanic activity, and the need for people to react to these appropriately if their impact is to be reduced to a minimum.
Which country has the most volcanoes?
Munich Re produce annual reports which have plenty of additional material for those exploring the nature of natural hazards - it is in their interests to analyse these risks of course, so that they can work out their best responses and reduce their own risks.

An excellent article on the reasons why people live near to Tectonic zones was written by
It was published in the Guardian ahead of the ongoing Hawaii eruption. It seems that affordability was one of the main reasons.
This would be a perfect article for those wanting to explore the benefits of living in tectonic regions.

Also worth following Janine Krippner on Twitter, as she does a good job of communicating the science behind eruptions.