GI Learner - Gent Meeting and Conference Day 1 and 2

Playing catchup with the blog, as this was well over a month ago now....

In late June, I was up early to head down to London for the Eurostar train to Gent.
I always enjoy travelling on Eurostar. The train was full. The previous one had gone straight to Disneyland, Paris, and the departure lounge was a lot quieter once that one had boarded. I was heading for a final meeting of the GI Learner project.
The trip was funded by our ERASMUS grant, and has involved us exploring the use of GI and developing some resources and trialling them with students and academics from Austria, Belgium, Romania and Spain.

We had a useful meeting first of all.
The main part of the trip was to organise a conference for teachers. I had recruited a good group of teachers from the UK, who were able to claim their expenses for attending.
If you haven't seen the resources that we've put together it's worth visiting the GI Learner website, and also following us on Twitter.

GI Learner developed a complete learning line to effectively implement geospatial thinking in secondary education.
We develop – using the building blocks included in the learning line – a basic understanding and comprehension of geospatial thinking: what is it, what can I do with it, how do I learn to work with it.

All our course materials are here.
More to come on this in a future post...

Image: Alan Parkinson