London Curriculum

I've been looking at the London Curriculum recently, as I have been planning a new unit for my KS3 teaching, and filtered some in for some cover work as well in the last few weeks of the summer term.
It's a document which you can access here if you enter some school information.

There are 3 sections:
Green London?
Mapping London
My London

It was originally available for London Schools, and involved the Royal Geographical Society and a few familiar names in the authoring.

I produced a related unit on Mapping London as part of an RGS funded piece of work. There were also links with the LondonMapper work I did with Worldmapper as well.

Worth a look at both of these. I'm introducing a unit on the Stories of London next year, which uses some of the excellent work of Kate Stockings with the Museum of London as well, and of course there'll be a chance to share other ideas related to the capital city.

Image: Alan Parkinson