Woods Hole - Carbon Cycle resources

Rob Morris has been ever vigilant, even on his holidays, and sent me some ideas from a place he visited recently while travelling in NE USA.
He spent the day at Woods Hole where NOAA have their oceanography scientists working.

Brilliant interactive museums and an aquarium - found this interactive resource about the carbon cycle - wish I had used it last year when teaching it
In fact the whole Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Website is apparently really good - again, particularly if you are teaching OCR A level Oceans (there is also an Oceans element to the AQA specification as well)
Although Rob wasn't able to get up to the summit last week, the Mount Washington Observatory website is good too apparently. This has good little weather museum including a hurricane simulator - a bit like the earthquake simulator in the shopping centre in Hveragerdi in Iceland which many people will be familiar with.