Civilisation - Gathering Storm - climate change

The latest version of the classic computer game Civilisation, out next year has Climate Change very much on the agenda.

There is a useful article on the game here.

Ed Beach is the lead designer of the new game / expansion and had this to say in the article:

"We did do our background research on trying to figure out where the global temperature has been over the last 150 years and what types of factors influence it....So we feel like we don't have to make a political statement, but we can take the common wisdom of the vast majority of the science community and embed that in the game and that becomes something really interesting for players to be able to engage with."
"We have things like climate accords, we have deforestation treaties, we have recovery efforts for people that have been hit by natural disasters that need humanitarian aid," said Beach. "So if you decide to play nice with the planet, it'll definitely help you in terms of respect from the other leaders.
"But we also wanted people to have the option to look at it the other way and see what happens if they don't care about those things: how bad will rising sea levels get? Maybe in a Civ game, that could be a strategic advantage to you. If you're not on the coast, but your enemy is, you can hurt them by letting the sea levels rise. We didn't want to preclude playing on that dark side because we think that's very interesting. I think having that there as something you can strategise on in a strategy game is super interesting."
Certainly sounds like it might be worth exploring when it comes out.