Cologne - Practical Pedagogies 2018 - #4 - Day 1 pm sessions

After lunch, I went to support another geographer. David Alcock from Bradford Grammar School was presenting ideas for getting outside.

He took us outside, which seemed to come as a surprise to some delegates. I, was all prepared of course, as I was wearing my Ordnance Survey GetOutside Champions' jacket. David shared some nice ideas for how to use particular props, and also tools such as soundscape and smellscape wheels. Some of the ideas were taken from Mission:Explore, with full credit.

It was a chance to speak to one of the Indonesian contingent, who were all very pleased to be involved, and enthusiastic about the ideas that were being shared. I was able to meet up with several new Twitter folks, and exchange ideas, including some of the Indonesian group.
For more of David's ideas, check out his new blog, which is getting underway at AlcockBlog

Image: Russel Tarr

Here is David's handout, which I uploaded to Scribd for sharing... It is not by me, it is by David Alcock.
I ended the first day with Tom Sherrington @TeacherHead

He has written a well-received book called 'The Learning Rainforest' and worked with schools in several countries to develop their curriculum. I was interested in the model of learning, starting with the roots and building a structure to support learning.

Tom talked about the work that he had done in his previous schools. There were some overlaps with work I had completed during the OCR Pilot GCSE Geography, and the Young People's Geographies project.
An interesting way to end the first day's sessions, and we headed for the coaches back to town full of new ideas, and looking forward to the evening ahead...