Cologne Practical Pedagogies 2018 - #6 - Day 2 am session

Started the day at the Hauptbahnhof with a coffee and pastry, and the sun was rising and shining unlike the cloud of yesterday.
Picked up the coach again, and out to St. George's school.
Started the day with Theo Keuchel talking about sourcing free images, with an attractive presentation on the sourcing of images - click the link here to view it...

We discussed the reasons for using images, and the importance of using the correct licenses, and introduced a few people to the TinEye Reverse Image search

Project Naptha - 'scraping' text from an image or scan of a book was another useful site.
There was a reminder for me of the value of using Thinglink to add media hotspots to images.

Creative Commons licenses were explained, and the fact that if they are applied to an image they cannot be revoked and changed later.

I then had my session to run, so it was down to the room where I was based to set up. This involved a little more messing around than I was hoping for, but all was well, as I had left myself plenty of time to sort out the screen (with the help of IT support), Airplay, desks and seating and other elements.

You can see my session slides (or a version of them at least) below:

Image: Russel Tarr