GA Cambridge Branch CPD opportunity - January 2019 - get it into your diaries

This will hopefully be of interest to those who can get to Cambridge fairly easily.

Curriculum making: new tools and serendipity
Alan Parkinson

A practical CPD session for teachers which will introduce a number of new resources made with the British Red Cross, Gapminder Foundation and others, along with the work of the GeoCapabilities project, which outlines the teachers' role of 'curriculum making' and the use of curriculum artefacts.
Alan will demonstrate a number of websites and apps which he has been using in his teaching and which may increase the depth of investment that students have in geographical topics, and describe how serendipity plays a major part in his work.

The session will take place on Wednesday 23rd January (5.00 pm - 6.00 pm) at Netherhall School, Cambridge, CB1 8NN (map)

Please use the link here to sign up.
The session is free to Branch members.
You can join the Branch for £1 on the day.