Norwich Print Fair

My son has started his 'A' levels, and one of the things that we did a couple of months ago was to visit the Norwich Print Fair. We've been to this for the last few years, and there is always plenty of interesting work on offer.
We had the chance to speak to the artist Clare Johnson, who was very kind with her time, and explained the process that went into the production of her prints.

We also liked the work of Bev Coraldean, which was a real contrast to some of the other print makers as it was quite graphic.
She had some amazing sketchbooks, which we loved looking at, for the range of styles and very detailed work.
You can view Bev's work from here.
You can buy from her ETSY shop: Rooftop Art.
An alphabet of cities: A-Z is another of Bev's projects, with cards available for the cities.
I bought a few of these, and it was interesting, as always to see which imagery had been selected to represent the cities.
Here's A for Amsterdam, which I bought, along with the P for Paris - can you work out why? :)

We also enjoyed tracking down Bev's art on the side of several buildings in Norwich.