Climate Emergency

Some people are suggesting that there are some very disturbing changes in Climate which are now inevitable as the world has passed the point when they could be stopped: a threshold, or tipping point, beyond which feedback mechanisms. Phrases such as 'Climate Breakdown' or 'Climate Emergency' or 'Global Heating' are being suggested as alternatives to use to 'Global Warming' or 'Climate Change'.

The Observer has been sharing a range of stories for some time, and these are worth exploring.

I've been teaching about this for the last couple of weeks of term as well, as part of the Changing Climate section of OCR B Geography, and it's been interesting to see the response of the students to the stories, and the data along different timescales and the evidence for future impacts in the UK.

Greta Thunberg's speech at COP24 is worth watching, as a reminder of the young people's perspective.

Will it make a difference?
Here's a similar speech back in 1992

Updates - 18th December

Here's an excellent piece from Susan Strongman in Radio New Zealand page on why we're not doing anything...
And this tweet from Mark Brandon, sharing the thoughts of a leading climate researcher on what keeps them motivated when they can see how bleak the future could be...