Healthy High Street - a year of further change?

We have been exploring the Health of the High Street with the Year 7s.
The Royal Society for Public Health has a rather useful report on the health of the High St. This includes a little of the historical context of the development of the High Street.

Download the report as a PDF (48 pages)

I've also been writing a resource which has this as a theme for using GIS data.
More on that to come.

There are plenty of articles on the problems that the High Street is facing.

Guardian article.

Vacancy rate is well over 10% now, which means that more than 1 in 10 shop premises are empty.

What impact does that have on people's perceptions of how well the High Street is doing as a whole?

There are also some 43 million square metres less of retail space than there were

The High Street's woes also featured in Mary Portas' annual review of 'what we bought' which was shown over the New Year period.