Holocaust Memorial Day

Tomorrow at school, we will join with the Senior school in commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day.
We will be remembering all those killed during the Second World War.
Auschwitz has been sharing some of their materials today, to help young people understand the scale of the atrocities.

Check out the panorama.

I have been listening to the music of Rush for many years (around 40) and the bassist and vocalist Geddy Lee's parents were interned there. He spoke about that earlier this week. His mum and dad were in Auschwitz before being separated and sent to Bergen Belsen and Dachau respectively.

Watch the interview here.

Red Sector A is a song which was written by Neil Peart, but taken from the story of Geddy's parents.
A live version can be viewed here. I saw this performed live several times during the 1980s and it's a powerful and emotive piece.

An extract from the lyrics gives an idea of the connection with Geddy's parents and their daily choices to walk either left or right.

I hear the sound of gunfire at the prison gate
Are the liberators here, do I hope or do I fear?
For my father and my brother, it's too late
But I must help my mother stand up straight
Are we the last ones left alive?
Are we the only human beings to survive?

This is such a powerful story, and one which must be told and remembered for the rest of time.

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