Karl Donert - GeoInspiration

Joseph Kerski's GeoInspiration column in Directions Magazine, features people who he has been inspired by over the years.

The latest column features Karl Donert, President of EuroGeo and someone I've had the privilege to work with for many years.

The article mentions some of the projects that we've worked on together, which have been amongst the most fulfilling part of my recent career as a geography educator. Karl mentions the GI Learner project in particular (and this was my most recent involvement too).

It finishes with a nice quote on the value of geography to bring people together.

"Geography should be seen as a uniting subject bringing experts together from many specialisations to make sense of the world. I believe it is good to specialise, but be able to see the bigger picture because of the broad range of skills we bring. So young professionals should be encouraged to live geography to the full, embrace all aspects and love your subject!”