Cambridge Science Festival 2019 - geographers welcome

The Cambridge Science Festival is an annual treat. Living where I do, and working in Ely, we have easy access to Cambridge for students as well as staff.

It's a good sign that the front cover of this year's programme is a geology map.

Reverend Professor John Stevens Henslow (1796-1861)
Geological map of Anglesey 1822
Credit Cambridge Philosophical Society

Perhaps better known as the mentor and teacher of Charles Darwin, John Stevens Henslow played a pivotal role in the development of geological mapping. Henslow’s map of Anglesey, which features as our cover image, is one of the first detailed geological maps of the UK. It was published in Volume One of the Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, the Society he jointly founded and whose 200th anniversary we celebrate this year.

The Perse Geography department produced an excellent visual summary and shared on their Twitter feed.

Browsing through, there is plenty of interest for Geographers, including a session with the legendary James Lovelock.

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