Food - some new angles

I've been preparing some new resources on the theme of food, for the next run through of our 'You are what you eat' unit.
One area that has been mentioned is the arrival of meal kits, also known as recipe kits. These offer all the ingredients that are needed to make a particular meal, pre-weighed and with instructions. Meal kits are now big business.

One could say that they are likely to cut down on food waste, as they just include the ingredients that are needed, enough to make the meals that are required.

However, they have the issue of the packaging that is required, and also the impact of their delivery method, compared with regular trips to the supermarket. I tend to shop on the way to and from work rather than making a special trip just to the supermarket, so additional 'food miles' are

While meal kits may be convenient, their near-brazen anti­-environmentalism should make your stomach ache.

There's also the issue of calories in food (along with sugar and fat) contributing to high levels of obesity and sugar intake.
Joe Ray has written this:

Hopefully the waste issue gets solved, because meal kits can be a potent gateway drug. By using them, we might realise that we enjoy standing in front of a stove, preparing a nice weeknight meal, and spending time together. We could open a bottle of wine from the shop around the corner. Then we could light a candle, relax, and appreciate the food we made for each other. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? We might even decide to forget the meal kits altogether and start ­preparing things ourselves from scratch.

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