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There's been a continued interest in how active young people are for at least a decade. This has been connected to epidemics of obesity amongst young people (although there is some debate over the use of BMI for assessing this) and type 2 diabetes.
The DfE recently stepped into this debate.

The official DfE Passport can be downloaded here.

Back in 2006, Daniel Raven Ellison and I developed Mission:Explore to deal with this sort of issue, and I think we undoubtedly did this far better
Here's a few comments on what we produced...

"Mission:Explore is cool, exciting and just plain fun!" National Geographic

"Mission:Explore is like bringing along a nanny with endless patience and a James Bond fixation" The Sunday Times

Mission:Explore National Parks is our most recent book, and was produced in association with the National Park authorities.
This got some good feedback from people including Julia Bradbury and Steve Backshall.

"What a wonderful resource! Mission:Explore and the National Parks have developed a really imaginative way of re-engaging children with nature. Through its wacky drawings and irreverent tone, this book effectively gets across a fundamental truth: exploring our natural world is FUN!"
Nick Gardner, Project Dirt

Finally, some people are already suggesting that the official DfE list will be monetised, or used for additional performance management of teachers - not its original purpose.

The Activity Passport hashtag has also been busy

This ironic contribution was interesting:

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