Making a new World

A delayed blog post...

Although the centenary of the Armistice has now passed, there has been a lot of renewed interest in the events of the First World War. The conflict was of course shaped by geography, particularly the politics of certain areas.
Maps were particularly important during the war. Trench maps were important, and had to be redrawn daily as troops changed their positions.
There is a crossover here between History and Geography.
The war changed the landscapes of the area of France where the conflict took place. When people returned home, they were promised homes fit for heroes, which also changed the urban fabric of the UK - some of those houses still exist even though they were meant to be temporary, and were erected very quickly.
The landscape still shows the marks of the conflicts a century on.

You can see the results of the map project that I worked on if you are interested. It's a work in progress, and I will return periodically and update the map (the data needs a bit of cleaning and tidying before it is shown)
It features stories from members of the King's Ely school community.

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