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I've got quite a few blog posts lined up on the theme of Curriculum, as a way of shaping some thinking about some upcoming projects, and capturing some of the 'noise' on Twitter and tuning it to a signal ahead of the GA Conference.
I've seen many further daily additions which could have been mentioned here, but got the post to the point where I can press publish and see if anyone reads it. I've also had the opportunity during the development to attend sessions by Hywel Roberts & Tom Sherrington.
Lets start with a Ken Radical twitter post first...
This TES article explores differences between Primary and Secondary curriculum development, although for me there is less difference than some people think.

OFSTED have been doing some work on curriculum, with the publication of research reports, and a focus on curriculum, with their 'new' focus on Intent, Implementation and Impact leading to some schools getting very exercised in this area...
Their reports have been described here.

From the  OFSTED report, some bullet points:

We found some common factors that appear related to curriculum quality:
  • the importance of subjects as individual disciplines 
  • using the curriculum to address disadvantage and provide equality of opportunity 
  • regular curriculum review 
  • using the curriculum as the progression model 
  • intelligent use of assessment to inform curriculum design 
  • retrieval of core knowledge baked into the curriculum 
  • distributed curriculum leadership

OFSTED report:

More to come...

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