Cley 19

Over to Cley next the Sea last weekend, to see the latest Cley Contemporary exhibition. This is hosted in St. Margaret's Church in the village, close to the sea, and with the famous windmill in the marshes.

One of the artworks was called 'One Place to Another' by Rosy Naylor.

Rosy Naylor is an artist and curator with an interest in site specificity, ephemerality and lost space.

Her work for the public realm responds to a specific environment, context or situation, setting up a dialogue around the inhabiting of public space and walked land, using a range of media, to include audio, the written word, and photography.

Her painting work explores surface and mark making. Inspired by the transcient nature of the sea's edge, tide marks, and of what she calls 'sand mapping'.

There was plenty else of interest, so if you're in the area for the next few weeks (before the 4th of August) then pop along to Cley.

I liked Joy Pitt's work as well, made from over 3000 jumpers.