ESRI UK UC #2 - Schools

Image result for survey123 logoJason Sawle and Katie Hall led the Education strand introduced their recent work and considering the what and the why.
Jason used Simon Pinek's framework which has been used by many to take a step back and consider the Why....

GIS is increasingly being used as "a framework for communication" and a "nervous system for our planet".
The importance of geospatial technologies is growing, both for possible study but also for employment - school leavers with GIS skills are in demand.

Jason said that although uptake has been good, many schools are still not aware that the software is free.

We need a spatially literate student and teacher body.

There is also a Citizenship role for GIS as well - its role in everyday life is becoming clearer.

More to come in the next post...meanwhile, get your school signed up for ArcGIS Online. It's FREE.