GA Presidents blog - just another 100 years to go...

Feel free to visit my latest blog project, which I started back in April, but which has not had too many visitors so far.

It's a sort of history of the GA, with brief pen portraits of the 100+ people who have held the post of GA President since it began 126 years ago.
There have been some very interesting people who have held the post of GA President.

I am currently in 1922, with a previous President who actually won the Nobel Prize for Peace!

These biographies and pen-portraits are brief and partial. I have given each of the Presidents some of my time. Recent Presidents I have (or will) contact in person. For those who have sadly passed away, I have relied on documents and articles that appear in GA journals, along with internet searching and library searches for some books and other documents. I have also visited locations and taken images where practical.
Please get in touch if you have something to add, spot an error or issue, or want to share your own stories of, or memories of, particular past Presidents.
The project will involve me making irregular posts over the next couple of years - one every couple of weeks - culminating in the final post in September 2021 with details of the President of the Geographical Association for 2021-22.

It is a personal project, and not connected with the views of the Geographical Association.

Here's a word cloud of the Past Presidents. How many can you recognise?