NEA - keep them short

Although I didn't have a Y13 group this year, I was involved as a mentor for three students who were doing their NEA.

One student wrote rather more than the guideline word count, which didn't make it a better NEA, in fact it became a little flabby and unfocussed. We explored ways to be more concise and cut out the unnecessary bulk.
Now, the GA and the RGS-IBG have put together a letter encouraging concision and critical thinking about the way that the NEA is put together.

You can download the guidance letter here (PDF)

Further support and guidance from the GA and the RGS (with IBG): Geographical Association: 

Fieldwork at A level: your guide to the independent investigation – this publication, written for students, has a section on editing and formatting investigations 

The GA website has support for A level geography and the independent investigation  

Royal Geographical Society (with IBG):

A student guide to the A Level Independent Investigation (NEA) - this publication provides guidance through the stages of an NEA and additional support materials 
Data Skills in Geography The RGS-IBG’s additional support for A Level geography and the independent investigation