GCSE Results Day

GCSE Results Day was last week. Well done to all those picking up results whatever grade they were.
Here's a few additional pieces that may be of interest.

First, some well-done words from Michael Palin.


Also, an article by Steve Brace in the TES on the results, and the value of geography.


Also check out the OFQUAL maps which include maps of GCSE performance by area. They also have 'A' level maps.
These will allow you to compare your performance with other areas, and also compare performance over the last few years (although grading systems have changed in that time).

Hopefully all teachers were pleased with their results. If not, the new school year is time to reboot and start again, and perhaps trial some new approaches.

Steve Brace also had a letter published in the Sunday Telegraph, jointly with a colleague from the Historical Association making the point about the value of the Humanities.

See the letter opposite.