Kate on Migration

The ubiquitous and excellent Kate Stockings got in touch yesterday to tell me about an exhibition she'd attended in London at Somerset House. It's called Kaleidoscope and explores the impact of immigration on modern Britain - a timely exhibition at this time.

You have a week or so to catch the exhibition - perhaps a treat for the end of the summer break if you haven't already started back.

Here's Kate's review of the exhibition.

"In an effort to make the most of the summer holidays, I went to Somerset House to look at this photography exhibition. It is small in scale but very well-resourced- there is an information sheet telling you all about the contributors and their work. The artists each consider something different in their work- representing the myriad of nationalities and cultures found in modern Britain. It was a great opportunity to sit and look, think and reflect about the issue of migration and immigration."

Sounds like it is worth a visit if you are in London in the next week or so.