Leading Primary Geography

If there's one thing you can guarantee, it's that the GA will publish books of quality, and I know that I would say that, but I've been using the GA's publications for longer than I've been writing them, or associated with the production of them.

One thing I'm proud of has been my association with the Primary colleagues who support the work of the GA through the Early Years and Primary Committee. I've attended their meetings, and worked with them in various ways since 2008, when I was involved with the creation of support for the Primary Geography Champions network.

There are many schools who have no geographer on the staff, and there is only a short geography input into many PGCE courses for Primary, so often people with different specialisms may be handed the job of geography coordinator.
This book aims to be a handbook for those who are asked to lead on Primary Geography.

Many of the examples are drawn from recent work on the Primary Geography Quality Mark, including student work and teacher planning. I have been involved with moderating these awards for many years, and recently completed the 2019 cohort. The people writing this book have a range of experiences in leading Primary geography themselves.

The book is split into 7 sections, each edited by a leading name in Primary Geography education, and focussing on one aspect of leading the subject. I liked the curriculum section, and also reading Leszek's section - we had previously worked together as one of the moderator pairs, and it was an excellent day of CPD for me to see how he explored the evidence for the quality of the geography, and the questions he asks... the new OFSTED inspection framework will be an interesting experience for teachers I think.

1. Introduction  - Tessa Willy and Steve Rawlinson
2. Key Concepts - Simon Catling
3. Key Skills - Stephen Pickering
4. Teaching Approaches - Richard Hatwood
5. Geography in your Curriculum - Richard Greenwood
6. Integrating Geography - Leszek Iwaskow, Julia Tanner, Ben Ballin and Susan Pike
7. Effective Subject Leadership - Paula Owens

As with all recent GA publications, there are additional online materials available using a code printed in the book.
These include documents, examples of student work and school planning, and useful web links.

I will be handing a copy to my Primary colleagues in the new academic year.

Disclaimer: I am closely associated with the GA, but this is my honest opinion - it's an excellent resource for Primary (and Secondary) colleagues.